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Don’t Spend a Night in Jail — Bail Bonds for All Occasions

Greenfeather Bail Bonds is a locally owned Family business that has been providing reliable bail bond services for over 30 years.

Payment Arrangements Available. We will work with you to ensure you or your family member is comfortable.

When you’re in trouble and need to get bailed out, let a bail bondsman who is professional, reputable, and affordable give you a hand.

We understand that being jailed is always an unpleasant and embarrassing experience. And dealing with all the court regulations can be frustrating. But don’t worry; we’ll help you understand and undergo the process as smoothly as possible. We service municipal, state, superior courts. It does not matter what the charge may be, misdemeanor or felony, we won’t let you down when you most need help.

SmartStart & SCRAM Monitoring

Besides bail bonds, we offer the most reliable and user-friendly electronic monitoring devices available for different situations. In a comparison of various electronic monitoring systems, ours are the most advanced, accurate, and actionable.

Specifically, we offer the following:

   1) Ankle Bracelet
2) Alcohol Testing Bracelet
3) Breath Alcohol Tester
4) GPS Location Monitoring
5) House Arrest
6) SMARTSTART Vehicle Ignition Interlock

If you have been court-ordered to SCRAM alcohol monitoring or are under house arrest, we can help by providing you with the devices you need. Ours are the most reliable and technologically up to date devices available.

For more information, call (316) 425-4505.

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